Leave your mark, establish your name.

Making your brand visible has never been this fast and easy.

The simplest way to expand your brand

Photopolish is the fastest way to mark your photos with your brand logo.

You already have a stunning signature logo, so what’s next?

Your logo is your brand’s most memorable visual representation, but it can’t create an impact on its own—you have to make it visible.

Photopolish lets you do just that.

Branding your work should be a hassle-free experience.

Photopolish gives you a simple way to use your new logo on graphics and photos.

With Photopolish, you get more time back to focus on growing your brand.

Add Your Logo in Just a Few Clicks

Digitally watermark your pictures or other marketing materials with just a few clicks—save time with zero complications.

Fastest Logo-application Technology

Photopolish only features the latest in watermarking technology, letting you mark your visuals in the perfect spot in one go. Compatible with both Mac and Windows.

User-Friendly Design and Features

None of those useless buttons and hard-to-understand directions—Photopolish is a straightforward watermarking app that lets you do your editing without giving you a headache.

High-Quality Image Resolution

After placing your logo on your chosen photos, Photopolish saves and exports them in the highest digital quality—as if they were done by a pro.

About Photopolish

Photopolish is the sister company
of Photologo

It also carries the same vision of helping professionals or companies from all fields improve their brand’s image by making them stand out with stunning logos.

Developed as an easy-to-use watermarking program, Photopolish is for professionals who want to showcase their logos on any of their photographs. By adding your logo, you leave a positive impact on the minds of your audience.

Photopolish believes that watermarking should be quick, not tricky.

Do you think Photopolish is for you?

  • Want to let their brand become forgotten
  • Could care less about their brand’s visibility
  • Want to waste time manually adding logos to their photos and graphics
  • Don’t want to invest in their brand’s growth
  • Want to use a simple, efficient watermarking tool to give their photos the final editing touch without wasting any time
  • Appreciate the importance of brand awareness
  • Yearn to impress their audience, so they’re continually looking for ways to level up their brand
  • Aim to stand out among their competition by being visible as much as possible to their clients

How It Works

1. Order

Get your Photopolish Software License by ordering on www.photopolish.co

2. Install

Once you have access to your license, you can install the software on up to 3 devices.

3. Import Your Photos

When you’re ready to start using your Photopolish, simply import your desired photographs and work your magic.

4. Edit

This is the part where you combine your stunning logo with your amazing photos and graphics—you can edit one at a time or opt to use the bulk watermarking feature.

5. Export Your Edited Work

Voila! After editing, you can save your photos and export them to get high- quality results.


the desktop app

Watermark your photos, seamlessly